Why do I write?

I think – I search – I process – I write – I learn – I change…..

Everyday in my clinical and teaching practices, I pause and reflect on what I am doing and why.



I am often challenged or baffled by new and unique situations or even common occurrences that I wonder if I can handle differently and get better outcomes. Parents often ask me excellent questions…that sometimes I can’t answer…..

So, I think and reflect, I search for additional resources or expertise, I process what I have learned, and intentionally integrate new information into my daily job as a clinical specialist in pediatric physical therapy. Hopefully, I edge toward better care and best outcomes for the children and families I serve and with the students and therapists I teach and mentor.

This blog is part of my processing, writing as I question, learn, and share with others: families and caregivers, my colleagues, and others who care for and about children and disabilities.

My goals for this blog:

  • To improve the lives of children with neuromotor, musculoskeletal impairments and  their families through the art and science of intentional, thoughtful clinical decision making and practice
  • To facilitate respectful professional discussions
  • To curate resources for therapists and families/caregivers on specific topics of interest
  • To consider current research and how it impacts our clinical practice and teaching
  • To design useful resources for families and therapists
I plan to post on a consistent basis and welcome input from others, shaping this blog into something useful for myself and for others. Join me by commenting, sharing resources, your concerns and needs, and your journey.
~ Karen

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