Kids with CP/Disabilities Grow Up: What we know, what we need to do now

Kids with CP/Disabilities Grow Up: What we know, what we need to do now


I am thrilled to be presenting a webinar for Mobility Research this week (March 29th, 2016, 7:00-8:30 pm)

“Kids with CP/Disabilities Grow Up:  What we know, what we need to do now.”


As a pediatric PT for more than 30 years, I have had the opportunity to see babies grow into young adults, and the chance to observe what went well, what we could have done better in terms of their physical needs. My pondering and questioning have brought me to the research literature about life span issues in kids with neuromotor disabilities, and I will be sharing the current research and clinical experience as well as a framework to design our ongoing physical therapy interventions, no matter what age or setting we are working in.

  • What do our clinical practice and current research tell us about the impact of aging on children with disabilities?
  • What are the many comorbidities that impact children and adults with neuromotor disabilities?
  • What is our role as therapists in addressing these areas of need?
  • What, as therapists and caregivers, do we need to do throughout a child’s growth to prevent or minimize these issues?

I hope you’ll join me for the live webinar  or access the rebroadcast to learn more. Thank you to Mobility Research/Lite Gait for this opportunity to share.


~ Karen

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